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Firefox Lives; IE must dIE!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004
That's right it's time for IE to precede with a d and dIE, because Firefox is out, Firefox is official and, more to the point, Firefox is so much slicker, faster, safer, more customisable and more functional than Microsoft's clunker of a brower. It's not just me, either: Boing Boing is saying very nice things while even the BBC recognises the future as "Firefox is proving popular because, at the moment, it has far fewer security holes than Internet Explorer and has some innovations lacking in Microsoft's program".

Not got FireFox 1.0? Then download it now! Seriously. Right now.

Update [10 Nov 2004, 8.15am]: You many wish to read the official Mozilla Press Release for 1.0; you may be intreagued by the new Firefox start page being hosted by Google(!); you'll be glad you're not using IE as Slashdot reports another IE exploit virus; and you're probably also pleased that Bloglines has done an official Firefox page so you know where to get plugins for your online aggregator!


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