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Monday, November 15, 2004
It has taken almost two years for Yimou Zhang's truly amazing film Hero (Ying xiong) to reach Australian cinemas. Many people have DVD copies (legitimate, at that!) released overseas and imported. However, this is one film that must be seen on as large a screen as you can find! Christopher Doyle, one of the world's finest cinematographers, has truly excelled with Hero. The cast are amazing, with the one exception of the male lead played by Jet Li, but he still has the skills required for the martial arts scenes which are plentiful. The film itself has been accused on being overly nationalistic (it does centre around the philosophy of the unification of China through violence), but I have nothing to add to that debate (see Cynthia Fuch's review for more details). Indeed, this is one film where the truly exception colour, poise and energy of ever single frame are more than enough justification to see the film. On that note, I shan't review, but rather suggest that you look at these three stills (click to enlarge) and decide whether you want to see more:

[Images Via OutNow]


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