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The Games, They Are A'Changin'

Monday, November 15, 2004
While I'll still read them, there seem to be an awful lot of popular press articles of the form:
It's a huge surprise to find [insert other media product/form or variation] is now being incorporated into videogames. This may change the way videogames are played, but shouldn't be a surprise because [insert major grossing videogame here; so far Halo 2, GTA:SD, The Sims 2 ...] made more money in its first week than any feature film.
Maybe it's time to simply accept that videogames are very, very dynamic, popular and are going to very quickly become as dynamic (and, yes, corrupted if you must use the term) as any other major marketing media.

Example 1: PC Word today reports, shock horror, that (a) videogames have increasingly large amounts of product placement and embedded advertising and (b) many gamers don't mind, but most don't want ads to ruin the diegetic space of the game!

Example 2: The NYTimes reports that videogames are increasingly not just having music in them, but new music:
When the rapper Snoop Dogg's version of the 1971 song "Riders on the Storm" makes its debut tomorrow, it will not premiere on MTV or on the radio. Instead, the song, which was recorded with the surviving members of The Doors and includes outtakes of Jim Morrison's vocals, will be heard on Need For Speed Underground 2, a video game from Electronic Arts.
Personally, though, I can't wait for the complaints about the destruction of language when the Black Eyed Peas songs in Simlish are released for The Urbz!


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