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Mission Accomplished

Monday, November 22, 2004
The first unit I've ever written, run and coordinated, Self.Net: Communicating Identity in the Digital Age, has come to an end: marking is done, teaching is finished, and this morning I signed off on the final marks so everything is set in stone. I must confess, I really enjoyed running the course and the experience has definitely confirmed that the career path/lifestyle choice of academia. It's nice to know you've had an impact on people's lives beyond the course, as well. About half those who took the unit had never heard of a blog before, and now I know some people who took the course have established their own for their personal use, well beyond the end of the course as we know it. Kudos to them, and to everyone else who took the course and helped run it. :)

Now I just have to finish writing a PhD by February ...


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