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Blogging Academia

Monday, January 24, 2005
The BBC yesterday ran an article looking at the increasing use of blogs in academia:
Until a few months ago, the attention paid to web logs, or blogs, focused mainly on politics and the media business. However, many in academia followed the web-diary of Salam Pax, the famous Baghdad blogger during the build-up to the war in Iraq. Now, the technology that has been an alternative source of news to many academics is being incorporated more fully into university life. Blogs are giving departments, staff and students the freedom and informality of tone impossible in scholarly journals or even the student newspaper. Blogging lecturers say the technology provides them with easy online web access to students and improves communication outside of the classroom.
While the article doesn't really say anything new--focusing on the benefits of immediacy and increased communication, and the possible negatives of abuse due to the more casual form--it's encouraging to see academic blogging getting more attention. I know that there's interest in incorporating blogs into further units at UWA. I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of response I get to my presentation "Blog This! Weblogs, Critical Thinking and Peer to Peer Learning" at the Teaching and Learning Forum in February.

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