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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
It seems that the MacWorld 2005 conference has got some very, very cool gadgets being premiered and for the iPod Set, the new SmartDeck audio adapter for in-car player may be one of the coolest. SmartDeck not only allows an iPod to play in any casette-tape deck, but allows the tape deck controls (most likely in your car) to actually control the iPod! Details from Griffin:
SmartDeck is more than just a cassette adapter for iPod; it achieves truly seamless integration between iPod and cassette deck. Users can utilize the cassette deck's forward and rewind buttons to advance to the next or prior songs in the iPod playlist. In addition, pause and stop buttons do what pause and stop buttons are expected to do. When the user hits the cassette deck's Eject button or switches from Cassette to Radio, Griffin's SmartPlay technology automatically pauses the iPod.
While my iTrip is fine for now, I would love the added control of a SmartDeck!


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