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Creative Commies, Or, How to Create an Anti-Microsoft Meme

Friday, January 07, 2005
Why, oh why, would Bill Gates be so silly as to beg the Creative Commons loving blogosphere to band together and make fun of him? Surely that's the only thing that could have inspired him to call copyright activists and reformers "new modern-day sort of communists" in a recent interview. As one would expect, throwing incendiary provocations has started an anti-Bill memefire, and thus Creative Commies are born! A very popular meme is emerging, visually meshing communist iconography with Creative Commons and/or Copyleft insignia. One result:

[Click here for larger version.] Find many more here, here and a T-Shirt here.

Update (5.30pm, 8 Jan 2005): For some wonderful Creative Commie button icons based on the Creative Commons license logo, check out Robert Corr's neat little effort.


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