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Top Ten Digital Culture Thingies of 2004

Sunday, January 02, 2005
Moments in digital culture which made me happy from technology, to mashups, to breakdancing transformers!

1. Firefox 1.0 - The world needed a better browser, and got one.
2. Flickr - So much more than photos, and it got me snapping again, which I'm pleased with.
3. The Grey Album - Mashed Beatles and Jay-Z with a whole lot of copyright controversies to boot! (And the Grey Video, too!)
4. The Sims 2 - So very much to talk about as Simlish takes over...
5. One Night at the Hip-Hopera - Queen mashed with millions of 80s and 90s moments, filmic and musical.
6. Bloglines - RSS. The only way to read.
7. Images from Mars - Wow.
8. GMail - 1Gb of mail, a whole lot easier to read!
9. My iPod - How did I live without it?
10. Breakdancing Transformers - :)


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