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Tuesday, December 28, 2004
[X] Check out screencaps from the trailer for The Muppets Wizard of Oz, "The classic tale... as it was never meant to be told."

[X] Check out the flash BBC Radiophon-a-Tron which allows you to remix the Dr Who themesong with sfx and breaking beats! [Via BoingBoing]

[X] Engadget carries rumours of iTunes Music Store for Australia coming very soon! (*crosses fingers*) Gadget Lounge has more...

[X] Creative Commons have released ccPublisher 1.0 which makes adding a CC license to digital files really, really easy.

[X] Fortune Magazine has an interesting article entitled "Why There's No Escaping the Blog" about the market and media influence of the blogosphere mentioning predicatable things like Rathergate, the vast negative response to MSN Spaces (including Scoble's take, which was also negative), but also things like the fake Mazda viral blog. [Via Waxy]


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