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Sunday, December 19, 2004
Apparently, the iPod generation ain't all young 'uns since a new survey found that of MP3 player owners, "about 90% were over 35 years of age"! [Via Techdirt, who raise a few questions as to the validity of these claims; I'm a tad unconvinced myself!]

The Register has a long, detailed and really interesting rundown of BitTorrent traffic across the net. Among other things, the article substantiates the claim that torrents account for more that 30% of all net traffic, as well as more than half of all p2p traffic. [Via /.] Also of interest is Phil Leigh's RealAudio interview with Bram Cohen, the creator of BitTorrent. [Via NewMedia Musings]

On the Australian blogfront, there are two conferences to choose from in 2005: the Australian Blogging Conference, February in Melbourne; and BlogTalk DownUnder, May in Sydney. For the writerly bloggers out there, Reconstruction has released a Call for Papers for a special issue on Theories/Practices of Blogging. (And don't forget: you can always give the gift of blog for Christmas!)

The BBC carries an article on Science magazine's top ten 2004 scientific breakthroughs of 2004. The winner: Evidence of Life on Mars. The runner up: the "real" hobbits. Other notables include: Human cloning (embryos only); and the revelation that junk DNA is not junk but actually does a lot of important stuff! [Via /.]


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