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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
[X] Cool concept: an iPortfolio, a flash iPod interface as an online portfolio. Excellent concept (but uses very little of the screen for actual information!). This sort of slick look makes me all excited about having to build a more detailed knowledge of Flash for teaching next year. :)

[X] Boing Boing points to some cool 1960s Beatles Christmas tracks (many unreleased, I think).

[X] Apple's new firmware update for iPods locks out the RealNetworks DRM music which so annoyed Steve Jobs (as Engadget says, who couldn't see that one coming?).

[X] J.D. Lasica points to a report which suggests that more women blog than men.

[X] Milk and Cookies points to the fantastically funny One Ring to Rule Them All Pt 3 (funniest bit: click on "trailers" once it's loaded and watch the One Ring 3 Teaser) which is very apt a little flash parody given that I saw the Return of the King: Extended Edition last night (thanks Jen!). But now no more new Hobbity goodness to look forward to... *sigh*

[X] The NYTimes reports that Google has partnered with Harvard, Oxford and some other notable libraries to try and expand the searchability of Google beyond "its current valuable, if eclectic, body of material and create a digital card catalog and searchable library for the world's books, scholarly papers and special collections". While this is further growth of the omni-googleplex, I do think it'll make research a lot easier, so yay google, I say! ;)


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