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Tech Roundup

Wednesday, December 08, 2004
[X] Okay, so the p2p trial of the century, KaZaA Versus Copyright, is making headlines pretty much every day this weeK: Professor Leon Sterling says KaZaA could protect copyright; Record labels backpedal on their fake files on KaZaA; and Professor Stirling also points about KaZaA users are warned not to trade copyright material. All dead obvious stuff, but interesting to see it thrown about in a courtroom. For more uptodate, and gossipy news about the trial, you must check out APC writer Garth Montgomery's daily despatches, blogged every trial day. It's good reading, and has a very amusing disclaimer:
Folks, take these ramblings as the virtually unedited observations from each day of the Kazaa trial. At best, it’s anti journalism. It’s everything you won’t read in the serious press. At worst, it’s undisciplined opinion, gossip, and just a little naughty. It’ll also likely be late each day, but each day will definitely be covered, albeit with varying depth and coherence. With any luck both sides of Kazaagate will get a bit cranky with the Daily Dispatch over the next 3 weeks. And with even more luck, we’ll have a bit of fun along the way. Okay?
Of course, now that Bittorrent has substantially more traffic than KaZaA, the trial seems a little redundant, anyway...

[X] The Creative Commons blog points to an interesting how-to for mashups. I wonder if I'll ever get time to try it out?

[X] The Guardian's Game Blog laments the coming tidal wave of in-game advertising of MMORPGs! *sigh*

[X] OJR gives FireFox a quick once-over, concluding that the revivial of the browser wars make web standards more important than ever! Glaser also suggests that the in-browser LiveBookmarks in FireFox aren't the most user-friendly RSS reader (I agree, I'll stick with Bloglines, thanks), and that the upcoming Netscape 8 IE/Firefox hybrid defeats the purpose of the more-secure FireFox architecture.


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