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Time to Blog your Vote

Sunday, December 05, 2004
That's right, it's voting time, but voting for things that are fun to vote for. The 2004 Weblog Awards nominations have been finalised and voting is underway. I must confess, I don't recognise many of the blogs that have been nominated, but I'll be voting in a few categories. And on a more academic bent, the Edublog Awards (or Eddies as James is calling them), which focus on academically orientated blogs, are also open for voting. So, you know: vote. :)

Incidentally, even if you aren't voting in either of these awards, the list of nominees makes a great place to find some quality blog on all sorts of topics!

(Voting for the EduBlog Awards ended December 10th; for the Welblog Awards, December 12th.)


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