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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
[X] Some of my favourite childhood films are coming to DVD ...

... although $46.95 seems a bit rich! I guess I might have to wait for 6 months until they deflate to sane prices (if I can manage the wait; I've got Labyrinth on VHS, but I've not seen The Dark Crystal for years and years)!

[X] Greenpeace seems to have gotten on the political games bandwagon with a range of eco-motivated-games for your politico-pleasures! [Via WaterCoolerGames]

[X] Return of the King: Extended Edition is just around the corner, so get all excited by watching the new trailer! :)

[X] And ... wait for it .... Strongbad just got a LAPTOP! OMG! Poor Compy 386 has definitely gone to silicon heaven!


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