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GoogleNews: Canadian Authorities Arrest U.S. President Bush

Monday, December 06, 2004
It appears GoogleNews had a little bit of a glitch since the automated service had an article entitled "Canadian Authorities Arrest U.S. President Bush On War Charges" at the top of their main news page (screenshot). While amusing, Zone H ask whether the disclaimer at the top...
Editor's Note: Yes folks, this story is political satire, not fact. But Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenant and others in the Bush regime are being charged with war crimes in Germany and that story is serious. Enjoy the political satire below, but for the real story, read: http://www.axisoflogic.com/artman/publish/article_14056.shtml
... appeared before or after the item appeared on GoogleNews! While the article is funny, and to some extent so is the mistake, as GoogleNews increases to become one of the major news portals, I do hope we won't see too many satirical articles slip though because some people aren't exactly familiar with irony and, say 'US declares war on France' might lead to some real issues of people even momentarily took it seriously (all those pastries boycotted in US bakeries!)!

Update (11.45am, 6 Dec 04): To add to the humour/confusion/irony, there is a really, really clever fake of a CNN news page here which carries what looks like the real "Bush arrested in Canada for war crimes" story!


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