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NYTimes Firefox Advertisement

Friday, December 17, 2004
Well, it took a little while in coming, but the fabulous 2-page spread in The New York Times announcing the arrival of Firefox as the alternative browser has finally landed in the December 16th print edition. You can see the PDF here, and if you looked really close, you might see a name you're familiar with...

For those who missed the story, the Mozilla foundation thought it would be great to announce the 1.0 release of Firefox with an advertisement in The New York Times. They asked Firefox supporters to donate, hoping to raise close to the $50,000 needed for a full page ad. 10,000 Mozilla enthusiasts--like myself--donated money and over $US250,000 was raised. The money is doing lots of things, including the two-page spread in the Times. More to the point, this is the first time that an open source program has been so resoundingly supported and funded to advertise by the very people who were never, ever charged to download the browser!


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