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A Torrent of Closures

Tuesday, December 21, 2004
The BBC, among many others, is talkikng about the disappearance of some of the biggest torrent indexing (not torrent sharing since they don't actually host torrents!) websites. So, after the first round of the MPAA's legalistic onslaught, here's the state of play for torrent indexes I sometimes visit:
[X] Suprnova.org - The torrent index giant is dead and gone. [Read the Unofficial SuprNova.org Closure FAQ for details]
[X] TorrentBits - Dead and gone.
[X] TV Torrents - I thought it was gone, but it's just the .net redirect; you should now be visiting tvtorrents.tv.
[X] LokiTorrent - Alive for now; trying to raise funds for their own legal defense.

The Unofficial SuprNova.org Closure FAQ has a list of (currently, at least) running Torrent index sites here.

For more information on the shutdowns, read The Gadget Lounge and their hopeful look to the Torrent future with eXeem.


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