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Tsunami Relief Donations & Corporate Goodwill

Thursday, December 30, 2004
In visiting the homepages of Apple, Google (and all international variations of their homepage) and Amazon, I've been really pleased to see these corporate giants editing their homepages, pointing to places to donate in order to assist with the Tsunami relief efforts. Amazon's one-click service probably makes the whole process the easiest. Sadly, though, the biggest giant hasn't joined in (even though Scoble suggests they should).

Update (1st Jan 2005, 1pm): Better late than never, Microsoft have joined in and have a link from their homepage to a fairly detailed list of relief agencies.

[Enlarge Screenshot / Visit Amazon.com]

[Enlarge Screenshot / Visit Apple.com]

[Enlarge Screenshot / Visit Google.com.au]

[Enlarge Screenshot / Lament Microsoft.com]


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