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Pew Blog Survey

Wednesday, January 05, 2005
The US Pew Internet & Life survey recently handed down their newest report on the place of blogs in online life [PDF]. The BBC jumped on the report with an article titled " Blog reading explodes in America", which notes that blog-reading is up 58% last year. Still, that means that only 27% of Americans are reading blogs. Apparently only 5% use RSS aggregators (I wonder if that includes Firefox's livelinks?) and only 38% of Americans have actually heard of blogs. I wonder how that compares to, say, newspaper readership? Still, it would appear that blogs are becoming more and more integrated into both the US and international digital landscape. It's a shame there isn't anything as large as the Pew Internet Survey in Australia; it'd be interesting to know how comparable blog reading is down under.

PS How often do people get fired for what they write in blogs? I was surprised that it happened often enough to have its own term: dooced.


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