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Australia & Britain Biggest TV Downloaders

Saturday, February 19, 2005
The Guardian has been doing a bit of research into downloading trends for BitTorrent distributed TV. Apparently the UK and Australia like to get their TV online:
New Envisional figures about to be released show Britain leads the world in piracy. We are responsible for 38.4% of TV downloads in the EU and 18.5% worldwide. Australia is second with 15.6% and the US a poor third on 7.3%. The reason is simple. The pirated programmes are mainly made in English by US companies and released earlier there than here. Top of the piracy charts is 24 (95,000 downloads an episode) followed by Star Trek: Enterprise (90,000).
Well, that does make sense. I wonder how many US downloaders downloaded Battlestar Galactica after Sky in the UK ran the series several months before the US!

Even though Australia is second in the percentage ratings, it's worth pointing out that Britain's population is approximately 60 million, while Australia's is barely 20 million. So, on a per-head basis, Australians are miles ahead on the TV downloading front. And you'll notice I'm not calling it TV Piracy ... became I'm not really sure if downloading TV you would be seeing free-to-air anyway is actually illegal in Australia. Can anyone clarify?


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