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Confessions Of A Super Hero

Thursday, April 28, 2005
Up and Onward…Confessions Of A Super Hero is very funny. For example:
Gamma Girl and I got hooked up on my last mission. She and I go way back. I knew her when she was just Alpha Gal (just kidding Gammy). Normally we all do our own thing, as there are a lot of egos that need stroking and not a lot of ’spirit of cooperation’ going around. But we recently started a program to get to know each other better. Basically it is only because of that misogynist Brave Man and all his wise cracks to the woman on the team. First, any guy that waxes his chest has no basis for criticizing any woman. And what Super Hero wears cologne? And Hi Karate at that. Can you even buy that stuff any more? And I gotta say, Super Hero’s with Tom Selleck-esque mustaches are just creepy. Anyway, before this turns into a rant, suffice it to say that ‘hostile work environment’ has been the topic of much conversation.
Read more. All very The Incredibles meets Watchmen! [Via Aki]


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