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BlueScreen, GreenScreen, Machinimation!

Sunday, November 27, 2005
I've been deeply immersed in special effects and theory as I'm hiding from the world, completing the last two chapters of my phd thesis. I had an odd question and without really thinking about it emailed leading machinmator, Paul Marino of Thinking Machinima. His delightful response to my inquiry about green and blue screen composites in machinima:
Blue/green screen Machinima: Yes, there's been a few films that have incorporated this technique. The film Peacemaker, by Rodrigo Olmos and Alex Schmidt, uses this technique extensively as they combined the lead character from one game, into another game entirely. The amount of work they put into this film is pretty amazing - they re-textured the environments behind the lead character, Fenimore Filmore (from The Westerner) with either green/blue textures so they could get a proper key.. You can check out the piece here: http://www.neueufer.com/machinima/movie03.htm

Additionally, I used this approach as well (though not as polished as Peacemaker) when working on Strangerhood Studios with Rooster Teeth. I created a wallpaper and carpet in the Sims 2 that was fully green, so that I could key the main "Punk Cyborg" character over other backgrounds from the game itself. You can see the film here: http://sh.roosterteeth.com/archive/download.php?id=776 (16mb download)

Not sure if a Machinima film has ever incorporated the lead character over a live action plate. The reverse was done to some degree in Game:On, where they composited a live action car into the game space as part of the transition between live-action into Machinima.
Thanks Paul! Oh, and the films are excellent; check them out!

By the way, Paul also mentioned he'll be at ACMI in May 2006 talking about Machinima. There's nothing listed on ACMI's online calendar yet, but Paul's certainly worth watching out for.

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