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Grand Theft Auto: Coca-Cola?

Monday, August 14, 2006
From Hot Coffee to Hillary Clinton, the Grand Theft Auto games have been nothing if not controversial. That said, it's interesting to see Coke building on GTA's tarnished image (albeit, a fair while afterward) in a new advertisement which shows a whole different computer-(game)-generated world where life is much happier. Take a look:

As Waxy notes, this could almost be a machinimation done using existing game engines (although I'm sure Coke didn't go down that path). Is this Coke tapping into youth culture or a cynical attempt to exploit an existing media beat-up?

Of course, in China, Coke have been using gameplay ads for a while, such as their World of Warcraft(ish) effort.

[Via bits & bytes & pixels & sprites;Via Waxy]

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