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From YouTube to the Silver Screen

Monday, February 19, 2007
The big news for YouTube watchers is that YouTube's first megastar - New Zealander Jessica Rose aka Lonelygirl15 -- is making the transition from the tube to the silver screen.

As The Age notes:
Web video star Jessica Rose - better recognised by her YouTube alias Lonelygirl15 - will play a role in an upcoming film starring Lindsay Lohan. The film - I Know Who Killed Me - has reportedly been in production since late last year, and filming is scheduled to wrap up this month. A number of photos of Rose and Lohan on the set of the film have cropped up on celebrity gossip websites. It is a reassuring sign for budding filmmakers and actors seeking to use video-sharing sites such as YouTube as a launch pad for Hollywood success.

While not a huge shock, Lee's move to the cinema will no doubt further fuel the millions of YouTubers hoping that their webcam home movies can be the beginning of a Hollywood career!

For background, see Lonelygirl15: The Story So Far...

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