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Tuesday, July 22, 2003
28 Days, and Two Endings, Later...

The New York Times reports that the British science fiction/horror sleeper hit 28 Days Later is being given a new ending ... while still in cinema release! Film critic A.O. Scott, when not unfairly sledging many a film, is actually a very astute analyst of all things filmic. Here's a few comments of his on the 28 Days Later re-edit:
The current ending — fairly upbeat given what has come before — will still be there. It will now be followed, however, by a four-minute sequence, beginning with the on-screen words "But what if," during which a darker, more desperate conclusion unfolds.

Alternative endings — like deleted scenes, "making of" featurettes and directors' commentary — have become a staple of the DVD market. But adding such extras while a film is still in theaters is virtually unprecedented. The decision of Fox Searchlight, the movie's producer and United States distributor, to add the extra scenes to the theatrical version reflects the impact of technologies like DVD and the Internet on the culture of moviegoing.
It's actually quite exciting to see films still in cinema being treated as malleable digital products (something many have been for years, but no one's actually been changing them!). Personally, I'm quite excited by what I've read about 28 Days Later and am looking forward to its Australian release which, sadly, is still ages away, currently slotted for the 2nd of October (with an MA15+ rating). This is definitely one to look forward to or, if you're impatient like me, perhaps you could purchase the UK DVD edition which has already been released and contains both endings!

For a brief look at this enticing film, which strikes me as Day of the Triffids meets 12 Monkeys meets The Quiet Earth, check out the trailer here and the first six minutes of the film here.


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