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Saturday, July 19, 2003
It's All Too Much ... *sigh* ...

Okay, why have I been so completely crap at updating this week? Well, sadly, the answer is: because Tama's Excel laptop appears to have gone to Laptop Heaven. *ARGH!* Well, at the moment, it's actually more like its in intensive care, but I fear the doctors will pronounce it dead any minute. My poor little Excel Laptop which did so well with its little 1Ghz Pentium and its triffling little 256Ram won't even load its BIOS anymore. The absolute optimist in me hopes the BIOS just got corrupted somehow and that the service people will simply flash the latest BIOS on top of the currupt one and it will wake up and give me another year or two; just long enough to finish my PhD! But, alas, that's definitely the denial side of optimism.

For you, dear readers, it means that my updates will be less frequent until I find a replacement or get my ailing Excel back. I've got a review of Terminator 3 brewing in my head (I thought it was an excellent film!), so hopefully I'll get around to that tomorrow. The home computer (an embarrasing Pentium 500 with an almost pointless 128Ram) is my only portal into the digital delerium at the moment, so bare with me!

Rethinking my Three Books

It has been pointed out by far too many people, that my three books in the last Philosophical Sunday worked from the assumption that there was no common knowledge any more, but, as they pointed out, language seems to have been assumed, so why can't medical knowledge? SO, if I didn't have that first aid book on my list, it would now be: Sophie's World, Sandman: Preludes and Noctures and The Complete Worlds of Shakespeare. That's better.

Okay, I'm going to go and sigh a few more times and try and stop thinking about my poor Laptop and its dementure. *SIGH*


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