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Saturday, July 12, 2003
Your turn to vote: Should Ken Park be Banned?

Well, thought it was finally time to get a decent poll going, and what more appropriate to vote on at the moment than the controversial issue of free speech and artistic expression in Australia? So, without further ado, I ask that you more your eyes to the sidebar --> and cast your vote as to whether Ken Park should or should not be banned in our fine land of Australia. For those completely indifferent, there is a category for you, too! PLEASE VOTE.

If anyone has just discovered this blog and in unsure of the details of the Ken Park (and related Irving) censorship currently in Australia, please read my (rather left leaning) account of the ongoing saga below (or possibly in the archive if you're reading this later in the week).

Oh, and if anyone has any more details of what's going on regarding the OFLC or Ken Park screenings in Australia (they are happening, you know!) then please email meand let me know what you can! :)

Hulk Poll Results

Well, only 6 people voted, but 5 thought The Hulk rocked. Only 1 didn't (and I'm not that one). Full results:


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