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Wednesday, July 09, 2003
Australian Conservatism Can't Censor The Web: The Ken Park Saga

The Internet Movie Database's 'Studio Briefing' points out that banning Ken Park is, in effect, encouraging internet piracy and downloading. Perhaps, just perhaps, Australia's status as an wannabe US satellite state might actually be of vague use in encouraging our board of censors not to ban things due an adverse effect on the almighty dollar? Hmmm. Well, if not Ken Park, anything with more money making potential will definitely push the issue. IMDb are quoting a Herald Sun article from yesterday which states:
Anyway, technology is fast making censorship irrelevant. Barred from importing a legitimate video of Ken Park, the Sydney activists downloaded their copy from the internet. Other buffs visit web sites and go pirating.

Personally, I have no idea where you'd find the film. In completely unrelated news, what is this KaZaA thingo?


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