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Tuesday, July 08, 2003
Judgement Day for the Terminator 2 "Ultimate" DVD

Well, the wait is finally over! The Terminator 2: Judgement Day Ultimate DVD is mine! But does it live up to its hyped release as the best DVD release ever? Yes, yes it does. This DVD has everything, commentaries, documentaries, interviews, the script, storyboards, deleted scenes and very slick menus. I'm not going to watch the whole director's cut until the weekend, but I did watch some of the related excerpts and documentary material, and it's excellent: very high production values and the deleted scenes are full scenes, not just poor quality dailies. I have to say, James Cameron made a *very good choice* in cutting off the Coda scene he originally shot for T2. The deleted scene on disc two reveals a completely bizzare light'n'happy ending set 30 years after the expected 'Judgement Day' date in 1997. We see Linda Hamilton as an old woman, talking about the changed future and smiling at her granddaughter. This scene would have completely wrecked the feel of T2 if left in. It would have been like that ridiculous last shot of the happy PreCogs little rustic cottage in Speilberg's Minority Report (which in every other way is a brilliant film). Major kudos to Cameron for having the sense to cut it. However, the deleted scene where the T-1000 searches John Connor's room should really have been left in: it sent chills down my spine! I won't say much more about the Ultimate DVD other than to say if you even vaguely liked the film, you should buy this DVD!

Daredevil Special Edition DVD

I really wasn't going to buy this DVD until a review in Empire magazine claimed it had one of the best comic book based documentaries ever in its DVD extras. I was disappointed with Daredevil overall, although I think Jennifer Garner was amazing and am looking forward to her spinoff Elektra film! And check out her screen test: amazing. :) The documentary feature, "The Men Without Fear: The Art of Daredevil" is the real highlight, though, tracing the history of the Daredevil comic book from its birth with Stan Lee, through the amazing Frank Miller years all the way to Kevin Smith's little jaunt and to the present. You get some amazing insight into the Daredevil world and get to meet some of the most influential artists and writers in the comic world! Excelsior! (as Stan Lee would say!).


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