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Wednesday, July 02, 2003
A Neat'n'nifty Blog Post Editor: w.Bloggar

Okay, for some time now Ms Mazumi has been boasting that her Live Journal can be written from home without a Net connection and then can be uploaded whenever she's next online. Well, after a quick squiz around the digital ether in which we swim, I discovered w.Bloggar which provides the same service for a number of Blogging platforms, including Blogger. This makes it much easier to Blog for someone like me who shares a dialup connection from home! *sigh* It's all Blogging upgrades today! Your regular media-focused service and non-geektooltalk service will resume shortly!

Keep smiling and bye for now!

New Blogging Add-Ons for your distraction!

On the sidebar you will find two new toys. Firstly, the 'View my Guestmap' button. This opens a map of the globe on which you can insert digital drawing pins and leave little messages showing where you are writing from. I've seen a few before and they're great fun, but especially good for anyone travelling who wants to show a trail of their adventures across the world! Please leave your marker! :)

Also new is The Hulk poll. I figured since this Blog is becoming completely media-centred with a huge film emphasis, how better to continue to examine film than to give you the chance to vote on current films? I'll probably keep polls up for a week or two, but please vote and voice your opinion!

Blogging Google This!

I've always been a fan of the Google toolbar; yes, I might be promoting a fairly Google-centric internet, but it's just so damn convenient! Now Google has made it even better! The new Google Toolbar actually has a Blog button, which pops up the 'BlogThis!' window with the URL of the page you're looking at already formatted as a link. Makes blogging with Blogger a lot easier, I have to say. (That almost sounds like a adverstisement, doesn't it; if only someone wanted to pay for my opinions!).

PS Yes, that annoying Chatterbox has been given the flick! These new toys are much more fun!


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