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Friday, July 25, 2003
Star Wars Kid: The Saga (still) Continues....

I noticed today that for some reason searches for the Star Wars Kid were turning up at the top of the list of search items leading to Ponderance (especially searches in relation to the rather cruel 'Benny Hill' and 'Fart Man' re-edits, which are pretty crap, I might add). After a quick search, I discovered why: The Globe and Mail reports that Ghyslain's parents are suing the parents of the schoolmates who originally distributed the Star Wars Kid video over the 'net. The report:
The parents of Ghyslain Raza, the Quebec teenager who became a celebrity this spring after classmates posted on the Internet a video of him mimicking a Star Wars character, allege that their son was so humiliated by the experience that he had to get psychiatric care. The revelation is made in a lawsuit his parents have filed against the families of four classmates they accuse of maliciously turning their son into an object of mockery.
Ironically, news of the popularity of Ghyslain's infamous Star Wars Kid footage is causing ... more popularity. High school is a pretty rough place (emotionally and psychically, at least), so I can completely believe that Ghyslain's feeling traumatised!

In related news of a happier kind, the donations for Ghyslain, organised by Andy Baio of Waxy.org and Jish Mukerji of Jish.nu as a thank-you for the footage from all his *real* fans out here, have finally been put to use. Earlier this month, a 30G iPod and eighteen $200 gift cards from Futureshop were sent via FedEx. Andy Baio's report of the gift giving is here.

And, with any luck, that really will be the last report on the Star Wars Kid and we can leave Ghyslain Raza to have some semblance of a normal teenage life...


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