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Sunday, July 27, 2003
William Gibson gets his Spru(c)e in a tangle!

The last post in William Gibson's Blog is very, very funny (or, at least, it is to me; if you don't get the humour, visiting the post will, no doubt, give you bizzare insight into how warped my sense of humour is!). It starts with Gibson noticing that in a version of All Tomorrow's Parties, a "sprue cutter" had become a "a spruce cutter". The post is called "THE SPRUCE CUTTER: SECRET LIFE OF A TYPO" and, well, here's a little bit of the joy:
"Spruce cutter", aside from being precisely *not* that which I intended, also introduces a level of obvious ambiguity into the text, in that it might well mean a number of things:

"It disturbed her that her daughter was sleeping with a spruce cutter." (A lifelong Green, she was troubled by her daughter's liason with an ecologically incorrect lumberjack.)

"That's a mighty spruce cutter you have there, son." (The addressee's knife is natty indeed, perhaps a balisong with pink mother-of-pearl handles.)

"He decided he needed to buy a spruce cutter." (The one he'd previously used for pine was clearly not up to this new task.)
You should, really, read the rest here.


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