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Tuesday, March 02, 2004
Middle East Big Brother Cancelled

Amidst a storm of protests about the 'indecent' nature of the Middle East's own application of the Big Brother franchise, the show has been canned! MediaGuardian reports:
The first ever series of Big Brother in the Middle East has been pulled after protests that it was "indecent" and violated Islamic standards. It had been on air for just one week but the sight of male and female contestants sleeping under one roof caused a public outcry. Up to 1,000 took part in a rally against the show on Friday and seven Islamist MPs planning an official protest in parliament in Bahrain, where the show is being filmed. A spokeswoman for the Middle East Broadcasting Centre said it did not want to be "the source of differences of opinion" and had decided to "reconsider the production" of the show.
Other attempts as reality TV in the Middle East have been doing just as badly, one show "in which young women compete to win an arranged marriage has ended in the controversial style in which it began with one of the final two contestants storming out and refusing to get married to the man selected by producers" (report here).


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