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Fiddler's Green: A Sandman Convention

Thursday, June 03, 2004
I wish I could afford to head to the US in November, because the first dedicated conference analysing Neil Gamain's Sandman is happening then. Details:
Fiddler's Green will be a Sandman-focused literary convention at the Millennium Hotel, Minneapolis, 12-14 November 2004. All proceeds, after the con is over and the bills are paid, will be donated to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Neil Gaiman will, of course, be the principal Guest of Honor. For more details see: http://www.fiddlersgreencon.org.

Academics: If you've written (thesis, dissertation, or articles) on some aspect of Sandman, comics, or another topic related to our program, and you're interested in engaging in informal discussion of your premises and conclusions, please send us an email with a brief summary, to program@fiddlersgreencon.org, so we may consider what panels to seat you on.

Educators & Librarians: If you're interested in participating in an open workshop on some topic(s) related to using Sandman and other comics in the classroom, or supporting graphic novels in school or community libraries, please send us an email to program@fiddlersgreencon.org. We're looking for workshop topics that are relevant to current situations, and to know how many people might be interested in participating.
For more details click here. I wish I could go ...


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