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Spider-Man 2: NYT Review

Tuesday, June 29, 2004
A.O. Scott's review of Spider-Man 2 in the New York Times has me very, very excited about this upcoming filmic experience. Scott's take:
Directed by Sam Raimi from a story whose many begetters include the novelist Michael Chabon (the sole screenwriting credit belongs to Alvin Sargent, who wrote "Ordinary People" and "Paper Moon"), "Spider-Man 2" is full of bright colors, emphatic noises and elaborate special effects. That much is to be expected. But its distinguishing features, I'm happy to report, are strong characters and honest feelings. Like its Marvel Comics cousin "X-Men 2," this sequel, freed from the dreary burden of exposition, is better than its predecessor, and also superior to most other comic-book-based movies. It has a more credible (and more frightening) villain, a more capacious and original story and a self-confidence based not only on the huge success of the first "Spider-Man" but also on Mr. Raimi's intuitive and enthusiastic grasp of the material.
Sounds like the superhero genre is maturing to me (even if my childish enthusiasm suggests I might not be!).


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