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Friday, July 09, 2004
[X] Apparently there are now over 3 million blogs (according to Technorati). However, a fair few may be inactive for long periods, but " on average, more than 3 blogs are updated every second." [Via Waxy]

[X] The Hollywood reporter notes that the on-again off-again Fantastic Four film seems to definitely be on with Chris Evans and Ioan Gruffudd cast.

[X] Just as the browser wars seem to be reigniting thanks to the marvel that is Firefox, David Pogue at the NY Times reminds us that we are on the cusp of a major search engine war as well:
Despite its admirable if largely unsuccessful recent efforts to pioneer product categories - wireless watches, wireless screens and so on - Microsoft's greatest hits have been clones of other people's successful work, including Windows (based on the Macintosh), Pocket PC (PalmPilot) and Internet Explorer (Netscape Navigator). Last week, Microsoft identified the object of its latest obsession: Google, the No. 1 Internet search page.
[X] And it might be in very bad taste and making light of something pretty serious at present, but this is too funny to miss: Rock, Paper Saddam.


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