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New Pod ... It's a Sony!

Friday, July 02, 2004

Apparently, Sony's serious attempt to enter the iPod market is about to emerge: the Sony Network Walkman NW-HD1. Gizmodo notes:
[It has] a 1.8-inch hard drive, enough RAM to provide 25 minutes of skip-free playing, and an impressive 30 hour battery life. While initial reports mention that the NW-HD1 will support MP3, WMA, and WAV -- and technically, that's true -- it seems the "support" comes via the same old Sony trick of converting everything to ATRAC3 on the fly. That still sucks as much as it ever did, Sony.
Well, I've just ordered an iPod and don't regret it at all. I wonder what sort of support the new Walkman will have to aac or anything purchased at Apple Music Stores? Without that support, I fear Sony's new contender might not cut it!

(Click to enlarge)

[>] Specifications (in Japanese).


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