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Tuesday, July 06, 2004
[X] Spider-Man 2 breaks boxoffice records, as it "cranked out a staggering six-day estimate of [US]$180.1 million at the North American boxoffice -- the biggest first six days in [film] history."
[X]The NY Times argue the upcoming US Presidential election has a software agenda:
The Web sites of Senator John Kerry and the Democratic National Committee run mainly on the technology of the computing counterculture: open-source software that is distributed free, and improved and debugged by far-flung networks of programmers.In the other corner, the Web sites of President Bush and the Republican National Committee run on software supplied by the corporate embodiment of big business - Microsoft.
[X] It is also worth remembering that Fahrenheit 9/11 has made an incrediable amount for a documetary, currently having taken US$60.1M.
[X] Also, a slightly older NY Times article I forgot to mention details the way video games are being used and manufactured as part of the US Presidential race.


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