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Stepford Worries

Monday, July 12, 2004
In today's Age Helen Razor laments the newly remade Stepford Wives
A dowdy 1970s icon has just endured a thorough nip and tuck. Newly buffed with assets hoisted into plain view, this Extreme Makeover subject has emerged from treatment with all the blank Formica loveliness of surgery celeb Jocelyn Wildenstein. The patient in question is The Stepford Wives. Its recent transformation, according to some critics, has as much to say about an eerie, new-and-improved femininity as it does about star Nicole Kidman's steady bankability.[...] The Stepford Wives is a sleek, young take on a hefty, old question. In the subdued remix, Hardie finds, "a perfect example of what is going on. It's an extreme makeover that strips away history and lived experience".
Personally, I rather liked the 1975 version and in light of the much publicised last-minute-edits and seemingly fluffier feel to the remake, I dread what The Stepford Wives will look like in 2004!

PS If you prefer a darker image of The Stepford Wives, check out this wonderful alternative poster (from Adangio).


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