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Newsbytes and Olympic Thoughts

Saturday, August 14, 2004
[X] Norma Khouri's Forbidden Love is now officially a hoax as she's dumped by her publisher.
[X] After an amazing opening ceremony, a number of Greeks believe that Australia's bad-mouthing of Greece's security arrangements and ability to finish Olympic venues has seriously impacted the number of visitors for the games.
[X] The NYT has an interesting (if slightly superficial) account of racial and ethnic stereotypes in videogames.
[X] Could there soon by an ARTstor, an art history JStor? (UPDATE: Apparently ARTstor is already up and running, but Eric Behrens has some sobering posts about licensing and interoperability which point out the current limitations of the system.)
[X] The film Hero which has been in that limbo not-quite-released land for almost two years, finally seems to be getting some of the critical attention it's amazing cinematography deserves.
[X] The OJR has a really interesting look at online ethics for bloggers in "Transparency Begets Trust in the Ever-Expanding Blogosphere" [Via WaxyLinks].
[X] Given the truly amazing and theatrical opening of Greece's olympiad, I was extremely impressed with the various ways in which the Greek ceremony went against convention (I particularly liked having a DJ playing during the introduction of the teams). However, amongst all these amazing effects, why would a ceremony which embraces history, but also aware of the limitations of ideas of "progress" (as we saw from the two "missing" Olympics due to the world wars, effectively symbolised by the runner), would you replace the olympic cauldron with an enormous flaming phallic symbol?


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