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Sunday, October 03, 2004
The ultimate accessory for the gamer who is also aware of their figure, the First Person Game Runner! Details:

Cyber-Athletics, the Future
The future of electronic gaming belongs to cyber-athletics. No longer does leisure activity have to negatively impact the health of those who enjoy playing video games. The GameRunner is a clean and complete solution to the health risks that go hand in hand with being a video game addict.

A Whole New Level of Addiction
You think gaming is addictive with a joystick, or a mouse? Try out the GameRunner and you'll never turn back. You'll be blasting through games so hard and fast that you won't notice anything else until you're finished. After a few days you're body will begin thanking you for the wonderful fitness sessions you've been having. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is important in order to be able to function at work or school both mentally and physically. The GameRunner is the answer to your fitness needs. [...]

Military Applications
The current trend in America's Department of Defense is toward computer based simulation to produce strategic advantages as well as cost savings. Simulation training is 70% more effective than conventional instruction. In advance of a military mission, we are now capable of accurately mapping enemy terrain in great detail. Mission and combat rehearsals are greatly enhanced with the increased retention of crucial logistical information possible when troops actually walk through these locales on the GameRunner. This type of rehearsal is vital, because one wrong turn or mistake in reporting logistical information to air or tank support can be deadly when operating in foreign territory. The GameRunner will prove to be an invaluable resource for military training.
Now you, too, can get fit while being psychologically f**ked over by the many, many varieties of torture going on to "texture" the world of Doom 3! Learn to kill your foes on "realistic" Iraqi soil while pumping your body with adrenalin from intense excercise! *Sheesh!* [Via WaxyLinks]


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