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Gay Simpsons Character Revealed

Monday, February 21, 2005
The NYTimes has an interesting article, revealing which Simpsons character came out of the closet this week:
In the ongoing culture wars over whether gays should have the right to marry, an animated question reared its head on Sunday prime-time television: as goes "The Simpsons," does the nation go, too? In an episode titled "There's Something About Marrying," a longtime character on Fox's 15-year hit - it was [XXXXXXXX], a closely held secret until the 8 p.m. broadcast - came out of the closet while Homer Simpson conducted dozens of same-sex weddings after small-town Springfield legalized the unions in a bid to increase tourism. As television's longest-running situation comedy, "The Simpsons" is no stranger to hot-button social, religious and political issues, mocking wardrobe malfunctions, Hollywood liberals and born-again Christians, among other targets.
Obviously, Australian audience won't see this episode for a few months, so if you really don't mind spoilers, read the rest of the article here... (and, no, it wasn't Mr Smithers ... he hasn't been in the closet for a long time ...).


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