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Perth Flashmob: May 18th

Thursday, May 12, 2005
I'm back in Hong Kong teaching until Friday 20th May, so I won't be able to make the revival of Flash Mobbing in Perth but some of you might, so here are the details:
SUIT UP! BuzzMob is back!

In October 2004 the Hay Street Mall went footloose for 5 fantastic minutes as we returned to the 80s. Its time to bring the dancing back to the streets with our first BuzzMob for 2005 - dedicated to those poor souls ?working hard for the money?! For maximum joy, please follow these instructions carefully:

Flash point ? 1.00pm, Wednesday 18th May 2005

Theme ? Suits. Please dress and act the part of an office worker on their lunch break. We encourage creativity in design. Bad ties, safari suits, tragic office wear ? do with it what you will.

Where to go - Central Park, at the intersection of Hay and William Streets Perth. Assemble on the lawn area directly across from the Wesley Church and in front of the Qantas office.

When to arrive - 5 minutes beforehand ie-12.55pm, stretch those muscles and wait for a boom box to start playing the song.

What to do - At 1.00 pm, if not yet suitably dressed, put on your tie, don your jacket and a battery run boom-box will start the music. Now is the time to show your best (or worst) Office Christmas Party moves!

When the music is turned off (1 song only), quickly dress back to normal, and disperse as though nothing has happened.

Help spread the word! You can register for receiving updates and for future events at mob@buzzdance.com.au.

For pictures of our last BuzzMob ? check out this website: http://www.jat.com.au/pics/albums/15.aspx
Have fun if you get along, and those who make it, please let the rest of us know how it goes! :)


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