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Batman Began

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Batman Begins is a very, very good film; the best of the Bat-films by a long shot, which is saying a fair bit because I rather like Tim Burton's stylised vision from the last re-launch of the Bat cinema franchise. Christopher Nolan's direction is spot on, making the most of the rich mythology of the Batverse without being in any way restricted by it. The choice to avoid villians that had been recently been envisioned by Burton et al, especially the Joker, in favour of relatively unexplored, but rich evil characters (specifically Ra's Al Ghul and The Scarecrow) was a great decision. Similarly, the development of a very rich and quite original backstory (beyond the killing of the Wanyes, of course) reinvigorated Gotham's number one son. Apart from Katie Holmes (who wasn't bad, she just didn't stand out in contrast to the other cast), the supporting cast were amazing: Morgan Freeman was wonderful as the almost-Q character; Gary Oldman was a surprisingly subtle Gordon; and Michael Caine made the most endearing butler ever! One of the most outstanding elements that really stood out for me was the amazing design of Gotham City itself; Gotham looked stunning ... this is gothic industrial decay enabled by special effects used at their most effective (and least garish). Head to the cinema for the Batman, but stay for the city ...

There's more to say, but I don't have time to say it. If you want more on Batman Begins head over and check out Grant's (growing) super-size review ...


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