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Please Vote for iGeneration in the Edublog Awards!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005
I'm absolutely delighted that the course blog for "iGeneration: Digital Communication and Participatory Culture", the honours unit I coordinated this semester, has been nominated for a 2005 Edublog Award in the "Best example/case study of use of weblogs within teaching and learning". The blog was, of course, a collaborative effort, and it's wonderful so see both blogging and podcasting in tertiary education has got some voting attention! :)

Anyway, voting is open to everyone, so Please VOTE!

PS The nominations are also open for Australian Blog Awards - I'm about to go nominate my favourites - if you enjoy Ponderance you might consider nominating it for "Best West Australian Blog" or "Best Australian Personal Blog" (the categories are quite specific and, well, Ponderance is quite broad in its scope, so that's probably as close to the best fit as you'll get!).


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