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The Wired Everyday III - Blogs - Lecture Links

Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Hello 2006 Self.Net students. As promised, here are the various links I mentioned in today's lecture ...

I. We/blogs: origins, types and the hype.

[X] Tim Berners-Lee's blog: TimBL (quite a technical blog, but his recent post on Net Neutrality is a good read).
[X] Sifry's Alerts: State of the Blogosphere, August 2006 (this report includes the slides on the number of blogs in existence, languages bloggers use and frequency of posts). For the current state of the blogsphere, visit Technorati.
[X] A filter blog: Boing Boing: A directory of wonderful things.
[X] A journal blog: Wil Wheaton: WIL WHEATON dot NET: 1.5 and WWdN: In exile.

[X] Vlogs worth visiting: Rocketboom, Ze Frank and Galacticast.
[X] Podcasts of interest: Adam Curry's Daily Source Code and the podcast index Podcast Alley.

II. Meet the bloggers.

[X] Rebecca Blood's blog: Rebecca's Pocket
[X] Salam Pax's blog: Where is Raed? (on hiatus since April 2004). For more from Salam Pax being interviewed on Andrew Denton's Enough Rope, you can read the full interview transcript.
[X] Also, the authors you read excerpts from last week both blog as well: William Gibson's Blog and Melissa Scott's blog.

III. Participatory Culture and Citizen Journalism?

[X] Russ Kick's The Memory Hole; also take a look at the specific post on military coffins from April 2004.
[X] An influential US political blog: the Daily Kos.
[X] For more on the 2005 London Bombings see my post on The Mediascape & The London Bombings.
[X] For more on the Adnan Hajj/Reuters photoshopping fiasco see commentary from Dennis Dunleavy here, here and "An undeniable truth: The Internet is keeping journalism honest".
[X] Finally, Steve Johnson's thoughts on blogs and journalism which I encourage to read are here: Five Things All Sane People Agree On About Blogs And Mainstream Journalism (So Can We Stop Talking About Them Now?)

If you have any comments, thoughts or questions about the lecture or related issues, please feel free to leave a comment on this post (which I will respond to) or to email me.

(For anyone else reading this blog, if you really want to pass 45 minutes of your life listening to my voice, you can hear a streaming recording of the lecture here.)

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