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Monday, July 28, 2003
Time to Shut your Windows ... again!

Australian IT (along with about 100,000 other media outlets) reports that things have gone from a bad to much, much worse for Microsoft in the wake of the latest security hole found in almost all versions of Windows (including the "safest ever" Windows Server 2003). Flaws have periodically appeared, much to Microsoft's annoyance, but rarely are these flaws publically available for the average (even non-hacking) user to utilise. However,
A program which exploits a recently-revealed Microsoft Windows flaw has been released on the internet. The program, released by a Chinese group nine days after Microsoft announced the flaw, has turned an embarrassment for the company and inconvenience for customers into a near-emergency.
I would suggest that anyone connected to the 'net and using anything after Windows 98, read Microsoft's warning here (and download the patch, of course!). For curiousity's sake, the hack is located here, but the site is in Chinese characters. (I post as a cultural curiousity, and advise you NOT acutally try and use it!).

Remember ... windows are only as good as the blinds you put on the inside of them (now there's a crappy firewall similie if ever I heard one!).


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