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Friday, August 01, 2003
Media Watch: "Hunting For Bambi" Hoax

Poor silly journalists! In the US The Las Vegas Eyewitness News programme fell victim to an internet hoax. They reported on a site called "Hunt For Bambi" where it was claimed that men could pay to 'hunt' naked women with paintball guns. Yes, it was very offensive and rather stupid but, in all fairness, obviously not real! But Eyewitness News ran this piece anyway, to their great embarrasment. However, of more concern is that so many of the major international media outlets follewed suit and ran the piece unchecked in their own papers. The Australian's IT section reports:
LuAnne Sorrell, a current affairs reporter at KLAS-TV in Vegas, went big with the story, and it was soon picked up by CNN, Fox, and dozens of newspapers. The Sydney Morning Herald and The Courier-Mail ran it as gospel.
Silly them. The Hunt For Bambi website is still online and still, for all intents and purposes, claims it is (or at least was) real. The AP News reports, though, that the owners of the site have been officially faces misdemeanor charges for creating the hoax.


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