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Friday, August 29, 2003
New (Sort of ) Buffy E-Comic: Jonathon

Jane Espenson's new e-comic Jonathan is now online here. The comic builds the version of Jonathon which existed in the wonderfully fan-oriented episode 'Superstar' from Buffy Season Four where Jonathon became the a superstar super-spy super-everything and Buffy and the scoobies were his side-kicks! The story is excellent and since it's written by Espenson (who wrote the script for 'Superstar'), the dialogue is spot-on. And the story manages to segue back into the 'real' Buffyverse (sort of), and if you're interested now, I'll leave you to read it ...

Bloggish Instabilities (Sorry!)

I must apologise for the disappearing re-appearing status of this Blog in the last few days. Blogspot has been having some difficulties with their servers, meaning the Blog has faded off the Net at one or two points and the Backblog comments button has been even worse, with the comments option not appearing at all sometimes! I think the problems are fixed, but my apologies if they occur again in the near future ....


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