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Wednesday, August 20, 2003
Alias: Season Three Casting

Before I begin, this post may very well give away the ending of Season Two Alias, so if you don't want to be spoilt, don't highlight the following with your mouse:

The TV Guide reports that Melissa George has been cast as Vaughn's wife for season three. Our home-grown Perth girl (who has, admittedly, an American accent already!) is finally hitting the big time; sure she's had small roles in Dark City, The Limey and even Mulholland Drive, but this is the big time! And for those of us who went to high school with her, it means that the two degrees of separation that Perthies have (as opposed to the supposed six globally) extends to the virtual state of LA nee Hollywood! Let's just hope her curse doesn't continue, as she's been associated *five* television series which have either not been renewed after their first season with Melissa, or not made it past pilot! Can't really see Alias falling into the category, though!

Okay, non-spoiler folks can open your eyes again...


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